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Name Dr. Rungnapha Khamung (CV)
Education Ph.D. Architectural Heritage Management and Tourism, Silpakorn University, Thailand
Master Global Issues focused on Cultural Heritage and Tourism (School of International Studies), Oklahoma State University, U.S.A.
Bachelor Tourism Development, Maejo University, Thailand
Position Lecturer in International Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme
Teaching Areas Ethics and Law related to Hotel and Tourism Industry, Coastal and Marine Tourism Management, Research in Hotel and Tourism Management, Creative Technology Management in Tourism, Information Technology in Tourism Business, Marine Environment and Ecotourism, Japanese for Tourism and Hotel Operation, Advanced Japanese for Hospitality and Tourism, Japanese for Communication I-II and Japanese for Everyday Use
Research Areas tourism development, hospitality operations, ecotourism, agritourism, landscape architecture, sustainable tourism, tourism business development, tourism management with conservation of tourism resources and communities, heritage conservation, and teaching methodology development, research quality assessment and improvement.
Office IC 312
Publications 2017
Refereed Journals
Khamung, R. & Hsu, P. (2017). Integration of Active Learning with Leadership Styles: Teaching of Ethics and Laws Related to Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Organizational Culture: An International Journal, 17(4), 1-19.
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Refereed Journals
Khamung, R. & Hsu, P. (2016). Analyses of Sustainable Agriculture Elements that Support Agritourism and Conservation in Rural Chiangkhan, Thailand. The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability. 12(2), 1-16.
Khamung, R. (2016). The Investigation of Rural Cultural Heritage and Implications to Agritourism Strategies for Conservation in Rural Chiangkhan, Thailand. Journal of Tourism and Leisure Studies, 1(1), 13-36.
Khamung, R. (2016). Knowledge Development and Management through Workshops of Active Learning Activities: A Case Study at Burapha University International College, Thailand. The 5th Burapha University International Conference 2016 (pp. 427-442). Pattaya, Thailand: Burapha University.
Refereed Journals
Khamung, R. (2015). A Study of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Agriculture Conservation as a Means to Develop Rural Farms as Agritourism Destinations. The Silpakorn University Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts, 15(3), 1-36.
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PhD Thesis
Khamung, R. (2015). Agritourism in Rural Farm Villages of Chiangkhan: A Study of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Conservation Destination. PhD Thesis, Bangkok, Thailand: Silpakorn University.
Khamung, R. (2014). A Study of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Conservation as a Means of Agritourism Destination Farm Development. The International Conference on Tourism and Development-Growth and Diversity (pp. 540-562). Chiangmai, Thailand: Centre for Tourism Studies and Academic Services, Chiangmai University, Thailand.
Refereed Journals
Khamung, R. (2013). Saving Our Heritage: An International Approach to Historic Architectural and Cultural Conservation-An Investigation of International Charters and Their Influences and Implications. The Journal of Interdisciplinary Networks, 2(2), 432-440.