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BUUIC Vision

An Educational Institution with Dynamic Management Striving for Excellence in Southeast Asia.

BUUIC Mission

The mission of Burapha University International College focuses on the integration of multi-disciplinary expertise in management, innovation, and educational philosophy to drive the college into the future. The college’s mission consists of four diverse sub-missions:

1. To produce quality graduates that are equipped with the competency, skills, and knowledge required to compete nationally and internationally while embracing the rapid technology changes occurring in the 21st century.
2. To elaborate and disseminate research, including various types of academic service, that fulfills the needs of the global society.
3. To build a strong, integrated, and collaborative network for research, instruction, and educational services at an international level.
4. To use flexible, agile, and transparent management and administrative approaches that support transformation of the college in order to cope with a rapidly changing society.